Our Services

Preliminary feasibility analysis
Budget and technical estimation of your project, best solution analysis and development to satisfy time and budget requirements. Operations planning.
Senergica: an advisor for the interior design since the very first quoting stages.

The consultation offered by Senergica in matter of Interior design starts even before the project is confirmed by its final buyer or even earlier than the first operational actions, supplying or work planning. Since the quoting stage Senergica places side by side architects, general contractors, investors and clients during the preparation of the cost analysis and the technical and business quote which include every single detail of the project.

During the quoting and the analysis stage Senergica studies meticulously every single project to take into consideration all the executive stages: from required materials to working hours. At this stage data is specifically analysed and financially evaluated providing an estimation of cost managing and offering to clients a realistic quote for the turnkey completion of the project.
Offer development
Analytical quotes and terms of contract development, cost analysis per action categories: from construction to interior design.
Definition of time, costs and methods to optimise every project.

Senergica’s advice in terms of Interior design covers every single aspect of an interior design project. Quoting, work management, supplying, construction and even project preparation – Senergica optimises the realisation of every single project.

Through project preparation, Senergica takes into consideration all factors for the project completion. Therefore it defines preliminary budgets and especially it draws a precise plan with all the guidelines for the consequent actions not to leave anything to chance.
Planning development
Development and preparation of all documents required to the realisation of the project. From architectural drawings to production lists in line with BIM.
Concept & Shop drawing to optimise the project realisation.

Beside the technical and business quotes, project preparation, the offer evaluation and work management, Senergica also deals with building and operational planning supporting architects, general contractors, investors and clients.

Through the concept drawing service, Senergica develops every project detail providing an overall idea of style, materials and colours which will be used. On the other hand, shop drawing prepares sketches ready to be processed into production in order not to leave any detail to chance and to avoid any waste of time during the monitoring and construction stages. It is not a simple graphic design service, but rather a development of technical drawings and a transformation of the components taking into consideration production and installation.
Project managment
Cost, time and methods are constantly under control. Each project is managed by one of our experts who guarantees the accomplishment of costs, time and quality goals.
Our procurement office is completely dedicated to select interior design suppliers.

Senergica’s advice in terms of interior design is not limited to technical-business analysis, project preparation or to the creation of executive plans, but it also delivers a professional service of procurement and offer evaluation – all the characters involved in the project are carefully selected by our team.

This stage considers the selection of each part of the project including architects, investors, general contractors and clients. Once they have been chosen, potential suppliers are picked according to how suitable they are for the project and its requirements.

Once the subcontract lots are prepared, we contact every single company to request all the quotes – in this way we are able to provide a turnkey project to our clients.
Structural working execution
We offer any kind of service, from demolition to excavation, casting, structures and interior design.
Each project is delivered by a team of experts.
Quality control directly in selected suppliers’ location.

Senergica’s advice in terms of interior design is not only limited to budget definition, project preparation or suppliers selection, but it also supervises all stages for architects, general contractors, investors and clients when works are outsourced to external companies.

In this way we are able to supervise the production guaranteeing the completion of the project throughout all its stages – from the material selection to the finishing touch on furniture. We take care of possible mistakes directly on spot to avoid any waste of time and money.
Planning and installation execution
Considering your needs and demands we plan and size the installations in order to guarantee the best comfort. The installation launch is carried out by our qualified partners.
Professional and suppliers coordination for turnkey projects.

Beside services of quoting, technical and business analysis, project preparation, technical plans development and offers evaluation, Senergica even offers on spot advice – through our monitoring service and our work management we supervise all the third parties which play a part in the realisation of interior for commercial areas, conference rooms, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, cruises and even private properties respecting time and methods agreed.

Senergica coordinates all the characters who play a role in the realisation of the project. Through our constant supervision directly on the building site, we define the deadlines for the materials and furniture delivery, the plan of action for all professionals and especially we foresee potential accidents acting promptly to find the best solution.
Interior supplying and assembly
We work side by side with designers, architects and interior decorators to complete our projects from tailored works to interior design. Every single detail is taken into consideration.
Turnkey projects completely managed by Senergica.

Senergica puts side by side architects, general contractors, investors and clients providing its know-how in terms of interior design. We offer all types of advice – quoting services, technical and business analysis, operational planning, production monitoring or even work management. Our experience and professionality makes us able to satisfy any special requirement guaranteeing a combined BIM planning and an ad hoc execution.
Assistance and facility management
We offer a range of service post project — from maintenance to prompt intervention in case of emergency. After the completion of the project, we offer a turnkey package for the maintenance of.
Our technical advice continues even when the project is completed.

In addition to our consultation services such as budgeting, project preparation, suppliers selection and work management, Senergica deals with all the aspects which come after the completion of the project. We deliver prompt assistance in case of defects or when necessary. Consequently, architects, general contractors, investors and clients have to deal with a single partner even in case of future interventions. Moreover, they all know our professionality and they will be sure to offer to their clients ad hoc services.